Services - Cabinets & Beyond

Initial Meeting

One of our qualified designers will give you a tour of our showroom’s kitchen, bath and and other displays. This will give you a sense of our superior design capabilities as well as a hands-on look at our extensive line of custom products. If you are remodeling, please make a floor plan of your room. Please include the following: wall lengths, ceiling heights, dimensions of base and crown moldings, soffits, doors, windows, air conditioner and heater locations. You can also describe your space to us, and we will draw it for you. If you are building a new home, we will review the blueprints. We have many samples of cabinetry styles, door styles, and hardware choices to help you visualize the possibilities for your new home.

Preliminary Design at Our Showroom

After the initial meeting, your designer will take the design elements discussed and incorporate them into a preliminary conceptual design. During the Design Presentation your designer will present you with a preliminary set of drawings and a rough idea of what the overall project will cost. This provides everyone a platform to start from. The final design, project scope and costs will evolve and be refined over the ensuing meetings between you and your designer.

Project Detail Refinement

There are numerous decisions to be made during the design and installation of a new kitchen, bath, office, or media room. These decisions may appear overwhelming and that is why our experienced designers are here to assist you. At this point you will have a good sense of what your project will look like and cost. In order to continue the design process and keep your project moving forward we require a design retainer. The typical retainer is 10% of the cabinets price. This retainer is non-refundable and will be applied toward the cost of your cabinetry purchase for the project retainer was issued and it can not be applied to any other project. Once retainer is paid, designer will measure the space & help you sort through the myriad styles of cabinets, appliances, hardware, and molding choices available to you. All of the design elements you choose will refine your project to the point that drawings can now be revised and an accurate price quote articulated.

The Contractual Agreement

Once the design revisions are completed and all the materials have been selected a contractual agreement is made. Our terms for payment typically require a 50% deposit, 50% due upon arrival at our warehouse. Your designer will relay the pertinent specifications to you or your remodeling contractor or builder ensuring accurate project progression.

Ordering Materials

Upon receipt of the deposit your designer will order your custom cabinetry products and give youan estimated delivery date.

Product and Materials Arrive

Upon delivery to our warehouse, your designer will contact regarding final payment and to schedule your delivery. Throughout the installation process of your project your contractor can be in constant communication with your designer to ensure a smooth and professional culmination to your project.

Our Commitment to You

We stake our enduring reputation on the professional and experienced services we provide our valued customers throughout their unique and personal projects.