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The difference between induction and other cooktops

The induction cooking combines performance, convenience and safety. The most obvious difference between induction and other cooktops is its sleek appearance, there are no protrusions, simply a panel that lays flat on the countertop. The induction uses magnetic fields to directly heat the cookware. The heat transfer happens almost instantaneously. The moment a cook set a temperature level on the stove, the magnets react immediately, bringing a pot of water up to a boil in about 45 seconds, which is much faster than with gas, and then bring it down to a simmer quickly. Another way induction cooktops differ from gas and electric is that they are safer, an important factor for those with children or elderly people living in their homes. Gas cooktops have the obvious safety hazard of an open flame; electric cooktops make the cooking surface very hot and dangerous. Induction cooktops do not pose either of those problems. That also means that spills will not get cooked on, so clean up is much easier, just wipe off the food without really scrubbing, and get back to cooking. But there are some drawbacks. Not all cookware reacts to the magnets, so you will have to be choosier with your pots and pans. It sometimes says on the packaging that a pot or pan works with induction, but you can also bring a magnet with you to the store to see for yourself. Induction cooktops cost more than builder-grade appliances. Fagor makes induction cooktop for the very competitive price in 30″ and 36″ sizes with beveled or stainless steel trim.